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Eric Tull - Instructor

Eric Tull is the Suarez International Staff Instructor for the state of Iowa. He started as an NRA instructor, but quickly became frustrated with the politically correct methods they, as well as most other schools, were teaching. He was confident that many of these techniques were outdated or not reality-based and would end up getting people killed. When Eric took his first Suarez International course, he knew it was the best and most innovative firearms training available.

In addition to teaching firearms, Eric is a Pure Krav Maga instructor, certified by the former Israel Defense Forces Krav Maga Chief Instructor. He also studies Judo and Hapkido, as well as strength trains. This has given him insight into the importance of movement, reaction time, and physical fitness in a fight.

Eric teaches Suarez International pistol, rifle, and shotgun courses. He’s also the owner of Nexus Defensive Training and teaches Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons courses. His curriculum standard is simple: All material will be cutting edge, constantly updated to reflect techniques shown to work in force-on-force or actual gunfights. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to host a course.

Suarez International

Suarez International has been a leader in reality-based pistol and rifle firearms training since 1995. Gabe Suarez started training as a means of bringing professional law enforcement techniques to civilians. We call our students “martial civilians”.

Our tribe is made up of those who seek excellence in life; in their families, faith, business, and physical fitness. We train to be ready to apply violent force to any threat, whether a common thug or an active shooter situation which, in our time, are increasing in number and severity.

If you seek the type of training that is gritty, real, and combat proven; the type of training that has just one goal - to win the fight - then welcome to the tribe! We have classes all over the USA taught by instructors personally trained and vetted to teach this amazing and modern curriculum.

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