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What's in a Name?

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The word nexus means "a connected series or group." I named my business for this concept because self-defense isn't one individual skill; it's a connected series.

People have often told me that they think they're safe, either because they know martial arts or own a gun. But if a criminal bashes you over the head with a brick because you weren't paying attention to your surroundings, martial arts training or a firearm will do you no good. Proper mindset and training are necessary to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of violent crime. That's where Nexus Defensive Training comes in. I offer classes in crime prevention (such as the "Refuse To Be A Victim" seminar), as well as courses in Basic Pistol, Utah/Arizona/Iowa Concealed Firearms Permit, Personal Protection Inside the Home, and others.

In ancient history when people used swords to defend themselves, they didn't just sharpen a small section of the blade. They sharpened every part of it, so they'd be ready to defend themselves in many different situations. For that same reason, I offer a nexus of courses that are applicable at home, while traveling, and anywhere else you happen to be.

Sharpen your sword with Nexus Defensive Training.

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