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Iowa/Arizona Permit to Carry Weapons

Course Description

This course fulfills the training requirements for Iowa and Arizona Permit
to Carry Weapons. The class is tailored for individuals who already know
how to safely operate a firearm.

The course begins with a brief review of gun safety, followed by lessons on
various legal and tactical aspects of self-defense shootings. It concludes
with what has quickly become students' favorite part of the course:
defensive role-playing scenarios. The following topics will be covered in
class discussions:

Legal aspects of self-defense shootings

- Five principles of legal self defense
- Deadly force against an unarmed assailant
- Problems with warning shots

Tactics during a gunfight

- Color codes of awareness and the OODA Loop
- Use of movement
- Physiological, psychological and physical changes that may occur during a shooting

What to do after a self-defense shooting

- Common mistakes after a justified shooting
- Interacting with responding officers and investigating officers
- Reasons not to remain silent after a shooting
- Five things to say after a shooting

There will be no live-fire portion.

After covering the theoretical aspects of the course, students will spend
the remainder of class participating in role-playing scenarios using dummy
guns. The scenarios, which are based on real-life defensive situations,
provide an opportunity for students to apply the principles they've learned
in class – such as whether to shoot, how to move, which tactics best fit
the situation, etc. There will be a discussion of the practical and legal
aspects of each scenario after its completion.


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