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Complete Pistol Gunfighting School

Course Description

In three days of training you will develop the ability to fight successfully with your everyday carry pistol in all intervals of combat. Whether you are surprised in a reactive gunfight at close range, or choose to attack in a proactive engagement against an active shooter, we will teach you all the skills necessary for victory.

We begin by polishing the basics to a high level. Both marksmanship as well as reactive gun manipulations are drilled and perfected. There is a reason for the way we do things and all of that will be discussed, giving the why as well as the what. These are the bread and butter of being able to hit whatever you want to hit on demand, and the essentials for keeping your weapon running under duress.

Then we add chaos and movement, both proactive and reactive, both two handed and single handed, both sighted and via the use of point shooting. We add rapid engagement of adversaries on the move, moving off the line of fire, positioning tactics, and the ever important mental attitudes necessary for prevailing in a gunfight will be discussed and implemented.

Each day will end with a debriefing session where any and all questions will be answered to the best of our knowledge and experience. The second evening will include a synopsis of the Killing Within The Law lecture by Gabe Suarez followed by a Q&A session.

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3 Days 9:00am - Conclusion (Approximately 5:00pm)


Approximately 500 rounds (Minimum, bring more to shoot more.)

Modern Carry Pistol with at least three magazines. Holster and magazine carry pouches. Range Safety Gear (eye protection, hearing protection)

Range & Gear Requirements

Also Helpful

Bring spare clothing appropriate for the weather, including a hat, sunscreen, and bug repellent. Plan to bring lunch, snacks, and water (min 1 gallon per person) for the entire day unless driving to lunch is a viable option from the range location. Bring allergy medication (if needed), a chair (if you prefer), note taking supplies, and a boo boo kit (band aids, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment and tape). You may wish to bring pads such as knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves if the class lends itself to that.

Note: Clicking the REGISTER button will take you to the Suarez International website to complete your registration.


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