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Pistol Ground Fighting

Course Description

The first rule of the ground fight is don't go to the ground in the first place. But if that fails…


An aggressive thug knocks you down. Face down on the pavement, the smell of asphalt fills your nostrils as you struggle to stay conscious. Time moves in slow motion, but he closes on you faster than you can react. He is big, strong, and dangerous. His actions and demeanor remove all doubt – he is there to hurt you badly…maybe even kill you. You’re far behind the violence curve, and with that realization comes the knowledge that you are already losing. It’s time to use deadly force, but before you can draw your pistol, he’s on top of you. As his weight crushes the breath from your body and he pounds your head on the hard ground, you realize you’re in the fight of your life…

Are you prepared?

Dealing with a stomping mob or the experienced fighter’s ground game takes skill, but a lethal force encounter on the ground is not hopeless. Pistol Ground Fighting gives you the tools to prevail.

This course will show you:

- Common methods of attack
- Exercises/drills to develop fluidity and mobility on the ground
- Principles and techniques for dealing with ground assault
- How to develop the “complete arsenal”
- Minimizing damage to yourself while accessing your pistol and winning the fight

Most important, you will develop the confidence to know that you’re not out of the fight once you’re off your feet! We will build upon the skill you already have with the pistol and apply it to the ground problem.

This course isn’t MMA with a pistol. It’s not about “tapping him out” or beating a cage-match fighter at his own game. It’s about winning a gunfight that happens to be on the ground.

Violence is a language. Pistol Ground Fighting will show you the vocabulary of the ground fighter, but ultimately it’s about making you fluent in the language of the gunfighter.

Note: Clicking the REGISTER button will take you to the Suarez International website to complete your registration.


3 Days 9:00am - 5:00pm


This course will NOT include live fire exercises; no ammunition will be allowed in the building! The majority of drills will utilize blue guns, however some drills will require real pistols with safe training barrel inserts. Strict safety protocols will be enforced to ensure safety.

Range & Gear Requirements

Also Helpful

Bring spare clothing appropriate for the weather, including a hat, sunscreen, and bug repellent. Plan to bring lunch, snacks, and water (min 1 gallon per person) for the entire day unless driving to lunch is a viable option from the range location. Bring allergy medication (if needed), a chair (if you prefer), note taking supplies, and a boo boo kit (band aids, gauze pads, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment and tape). You may wish to bring pads such as knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves if the class lends itself to that.

Note: Clicking the REGISTER button will take you to the Suarez International website to complete your registration.


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